For many years I was interested in pursuing Reiki, but skepticism got in the way. When I met Jeanne I instantly knew I could trust her to be part of my journey towards greater emotional and physical health. Jeanne creates a safe and sacred space for each client. Each session is different, but I always look forward with anticipation to the new insight, healing, and relaxation I experience. I would encourage anyone who is curious to give it a chance and encounter the benefits of Reiki for yourself!
— Vanessa
As a first-timer for Reiki and chakra balancing, I was very hopeful that I’d feel the effects of these processes but was also aware that sometimes the results are subdued. Jeanne was very open and kind, she made me feel welcome from the get go and things only got better from there. During my session I was amazed at how much movement I could feel not only metaphysically, but also within my physical body. Jeanne’s focus and intention during the session were genuine, she is a master of her craft - she gracefully untangles the knots and ties that hold us back and block our wheels from spinning the way they ought to.
Generalized anxiety disorder, tension and unrest within myself, as well as that feeling that something’s just “not right” led me to alternative healing. Medication and counseling have left me feeling worse than before I began them, and I didn’t think anything could help get me back on track to my true self. Jeanne’s energy and skill got right to the heart of my issues and I truly felt the transformation as she opened two of my chakras. My session was full of learning, opening up, relaxing, and aligning on multiple levels. After the session, I felt like all the cobwebs in the corners had been blown away and like literal weight had been lifted off of me. Imagine that feeling when you finally open the windows after a long winter and a breeze moves through your space again; Reiki with Jeanne did just that for my metaphysical ‘self’ and it was truly unlike anything I’d ever experienced. So grateful that the universe led me Jeanne, and grateful our community has the Sacred Soul as a resource for healing and growing.
— Victoria Z